2 Mass. prisons mishandled COVID and neglected prisoners, report by disability advocates claims

WBURBy Deborah BeckerMarch 28, 2022 Some Massachusetts prisons fell short in handling the coronavirus pandemic and neglected disabled and medically vulnerable prisoners, according to an investigation by the Disability Law Center. A new Disability Law Center (DLC) report released Monday examined coronavirus mitigation efforts within specialized medical units at MCI-Norfolk and MCI-Shirley. Among the more serious findings […]

Correction Department cries out for oversight

With officer brutality and discipline shrouded in secrecy, the need for an independent eye is obvious. The Boston GlobeBy the Editorial BoardDecember 1, 2021 When brutality happens not on a city street but behind prison walls, there’s no citizen with a cellphone to record the abuse of authority, and often no bystander to bear witness […]

Lessons from ‘The taking of Cell 15’: Reform corrections

Lessons from ‘The taking of Cell 15’: Reform corrections August 22, 2021The Boston GlobeBy The Editorial Board The story of “The taking of Cell 15″ at Souza-Baranowski, the state’s maximum security prison, isn’t just about its two occupants on that January day, it’s about a prison system that prefers gag orders to transparency, where those […]