Outcry over conditions at Plymouth County Correctional Facility

community groups call for ICE detainees’ release The Scope BostonBy Marigo FarrDecember 16, 2021 Four immigrant justice organizations have detailed how immigrant detainees at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility face “patterns of mistreatment” — including lack of appropriate and timely medical services, physical abuse, discriminatory language, retaliation against individuals who voice grievances and barriers to […]

Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department Plans to Terminate 287(g) Agreement with ICE

PLYMOUTH COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT PLANS TO TERMINATE 287(G) AGREEMENT WITH ICE September 10, 2021Mario Paredes, PLS Staff Attorney Today, Sheriff McDonald announced that Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) plans to terminate their 287(g) Agreement with ICE. These 287(g) agreements allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to enter into formal written agreements with state or […]