The Jailing of Jesse Harvey

A drug war activist turned to civil commitment for help — and found a civil liberties nightmare. Type InvestigationsBy Jordan Michael SmithMarch 23, 2022 Jesse Harvey had one big idea left. Charismatic and outspoken, he was a graduate student of public policy at the University of Southern Maine and a prominent activist battling the drug […]

Some say Sheriff Nick Cocchi’s approach to addiction treatment is among the best in Massachusetts — but some say jail is the wrong place for recovery

MassLive July 13th, 2019 By Shira Schoenberg  James Felchner has spent time in jail — and he says the facility where he’s getting addiction treatment doesn’t feel much different. “You go outside, you got barbed wire. You’re in numbered cells,” Felchner said. “We get a few extra privileges compared to a jail, but we’re still in […]

Hampden County’s Pepper Spray Problem

The Shoestring June 19, 2019 By Seth Kershner Use of force reports from the Hampden County Correctional Center reveal disproportionate use of chemical force against prisoners with psychiatric disabilities Such incidents are “extremely alarming” to Jesse White, staff attorney at Prisoners’ Legal Services. “In so many of these instances what you’re actually seeing is a […]