Fewer than 10% of applicants have been granted medical parole, frustrating some Mass. lawmakers

WBURBy Deborah BeckerMarch 3, 2022 A group of state lawmakers on Monday visited a health care unit inside a state-run prison after receiving multiple complaints of understaffing, unsanitary conditions and inadequate medical treatment. Several of the lawmakers, along with some prisoner advocates, said issues at the health care unit inside MCI-Norfolk raised questions about the […]

Staffing shortages are hurting sick prisoners at Norfolk prison, advocates claim

GBHBy Sarah BetancourtJanuary 26, 2022 Attorneys and advocates for patients at a state prison’s critical stabilization unit, which houses prisoners who are sick or ailing, say they’re worried about the impact of low staffing levels on their clients. Prisoners and advocates report a nursing shortage and lack of a permanent medical director are affecting operations […]