Mass. trial courts to decrease jurors in pool, prioritize certain cases amid COVID-19 surge

GBHDecember 30, 2021By Sarah Betancourt Amid surging coronavirus rates, Massachusetts’ trial court system will make changes to which cases it hears, and how many jurors it calls up in January. The silver lining to some is that the trial system’s move to prioritize cases where people are already incarcerated could expedite their potential freedom. Elizabeth […]

Massachusetts’ prisoners to argue for release over coronavirus concerns before state’s highest court

MASSACHUSETTS’ PRISONERS TO ARGUE FOR RELEASE OVER CORONAVIRUS CONCERNS BEFORE STATE’S HIGHEST COURT By Andrew MartinezMay 5, 2020Boston Herald The state’s highest court will weigh the release of some of Massachusetts’ 7,000-plus prisoners in another high-profile criminal justice showdown Thursday, one month after criminal defense groups fought for the release of pretrial detainees with limited […]

First County Jail Inmate Dies Of COVID Complications

FIRST COUNTY JAIL INMATE DIES OF COVID COMPLICATIONS By Jenifer McKimApril 30, 2020WGBH A prisoner in the Middleton House of Correction become Massachusetts’ first county jail inmate to die of COVID-related causes, heightening concerns among advocates that not enough is being done to reduce incarcerated populations, test inmates or prevent the spread in the state […]

Mici: No need to release inmates due to COVID-19

MICI: NO NEED TO RELEASE INMATES DUE TO COVID-19 By Sarah BetancourtApril 29, 2020Commonwealth Magazine Says prisoners need to do their part in avoiding infection THE BAKER ADMINISTRATION’S top prison official told a state judge on Wednesday that she is satisfied with the way the system is responding to COVID-19 cases and sees no need to […]

Prisoners testify about COVID-19 dangers

PRISONERS TESTIFY ABOUT COVID-19 DANGERS By Sarah BetancourtApril 27, 2020Commonwealth Magazine AS THE BAKER ADMINISTRATION begins ramping up COVID-19 testing at state prisons, prisoners from three facilities testified before a Superior Court judge about conditions at their institutions. The lawsuit, which is likely to end up before the Supreme Judicial Court for final action, is seeking […]

Pandemic in Our Prisons

PANDEMIC IN OUR PRISONS By Yvonne AbrahamApril 25, 2020Boston Globe Think coronavirus in our prisons doesn’t affect everybody? Think again. If we don’t get a handle soon on what’s happening in our prisons and jails during this pandemic, we’re looking at an epic disaster — and one that will reach well beyond their walls. Though […]


PANDEMIC IN OUR PRISONS By Sarah BetancourtApril 23, 2020DigBoston State Rep. Mindy Domb has filed a bill that would require the collection, disclosure, and reporting of COVID-19 data in correctional settings across Massachusetts. The measure would require daily coronavirus information reporting to the Department of Public Health from all correctional institutions in the state, including the Department […]


MISSING JAIL DATA HAMPERS COVID-19 RELEASE EFFORTS IN MASSACHUSETTS By Ethan CoreyApril 22, 2020The Appeal The state’s law enforcement agencies failed to implement a 2018 data-sharing law. Now officials are struggling to identify high-risk people to release from county jails. In Massachusetts, a lack of accurate, real-time data about the criminal legal system has hampered […]

Lawsuit seeks release of sentenced prisoners during coronavirus

LAWSUIT SEEKS RELEASE OF SENTENCED PRISONERS DURING CORONAVIRUS By Sarah BetancourtApril 17, 2020Commonwealth Magazine Prisoner at MCI-Framingham talks about conditions, new roommate A NEW CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT filed in the state’s highest court by advocates aims to release sentenced and civilly committed prisoners to stem the spread of coronavirus in prisons.  Prisoners’ Legal Services filed the suit on […]

New Legal Action To Free Massachusetts Prisoners Due To COVID-19

NEW LEGAL ACTION TO FREE MASSACHUSETTS PRISONERS DUE TO COVID-19 By Deborah BeckerApril 15, 2020WBUR Massachusetts Prisoners rights advocates are pursuing two new legal avenues to reduce the number of people incarcerated in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 outbreak. Advocates say the state is not responding to the pandemic quickly enough and is endangering the health […]