PLS Blog: Call for Submissions 

A Blog from Prisoners’ Legal Services 

As Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts (PLS) enters its 50th year of serving incarcerated people, we continue to seek new ways to further our mission of challenging the carceral system and ending harmful confinement. PLS’ new blog, Sentencing Change, will provide an outlet to discuss issues related to policing and incarceration. We believe that fostering a more nuanced and critical understanding of the carceral system will enable communities, organizations, activists, and politicians to better address our country’s failed experiment with incarceration. All entries will be considered, but due to staff resources, only a small number will be published on PLS’ website, usually twice per month. Multiple times per year, a selection of entries will be circulated to incarcerated people on PLS’ mailing list.  

We are inviting submissions from people who are studying or directly impacted by the carceral system. This includes activists, advocates, academics, and students. People who are incarcerated or have been incarcerated are particularly encouraged to submit.  

Topics may cover a wide range of issues broadly related to policing and incarceration. We also welcome narrative non-fiction, poetry, and visual art. 

Possible Topics Might Include:

  • Sentencing and/or parole in Massachusetts 
  • Health care in state prisons or jails 
  • Police reform 
  • Prison abolition 
  • Carceral violence  
  • Discrimination (race, gender, LGBTQ+, immigration status, etc.) within prisons and jails 

Submission guidelines 

Written pieces can be up to 3,000 words. Please use footnotes for citations when necessary. 

Submissions should be emailed to Aaron Steinberg at asteinberg[@] or mailed to: 

Aaron Steinberg 
50 Federal St, 4th floor  
Boston, MA 02110 

By submitting, you are giving PLS permission to publish your work in print or online. Submissions will be copy edited unless the author requests otherwise. Please contact Aaron Steinberg with any questions, using the above email or mailing address.