WGBH Greater Boston: Sustaining An Emotional Life Line For Those Behind Bars

WGBH GREATER BOSTON: SUSTAINING AN EMOTIONAL LIFE LINE FOR THOSE BEHIND BARS While conversations about criminal justice reform have gained more traction recently, they generally have focused on issues of reducing the number of people sent to prison or jail. But advocates stress the need to also address conditions for those who are currently incarcerated, […]

American Sheriff

Fault Lines investigates the power of US sheriffs and allegations of prisoner neglect and abuse. Sheriffs and their deputies account for one-quarter of all sworn law enforcement officers in the US. But unlike police or the FBI, who have clear oversight and a chain of command holding them accountable, sheriffs are elected in often highly […]

Lawsuit targets high cost of phone calls from jail

South Coast Today May 5, 2018 By Jennette Barnes  In the days before her fiance’s suicide in jail, Fall River mental health clinician Kellie Pearson argued with him over the cost of his phone calls home. “For Michael, I think that just put more pressure on him and made him feel worse,” she said. Michael T. […]

Lawsuit challenges the high cost of calling from jail

The Boston Globe May 4, 2018 By Maria Cramer For the 95-year-old mother of one inmate, the high costs of taking phone calls from the Bristol County House of Correction forced her to choose between paying medical bills and talking to her son. Pearson is among four plaintiffs, two of them inmates, who have sued […]