The regulations that govern the Parole Board can be found at 120 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 1.00 – 902.00. Information about the Parole Board, and its upcoming public hearings and decisions in second-degree life sentence cases can be found on the Parole Board’s website.

For additional information provided by Prisoners’ Legal Services on parole, denials and revocation, please see our Parole page.

Prisoners are entitled to legal representation at parole hearings on a second-degree life sentence, parole rescission hearings, preliminary parole revocation hearings, and final parole revocation hearings, but are NOT entitled to legal representation at other parole release hearings. In the event you are facing a hearing on a second degree life sentence, rescission or revocation, while PLS cannot represent you, you may be able to obtain representation through one of the following law school programs:

PLAP (Prisoner Legal Assistance Project) at Harvard Law School
Austin Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-3127 (collect)

Provides representation at disciplinary hearings; parole rescission/ revocation and 15-year (second-degree lifer) parole hearings, as well as some DDU hearings, and assistance with sentence calculation, lost property and denial of visitation. Covers all Massachusetts prisons.

Prisoner Assistance Project at Northeastern University School of Law
Dockser Hall 140
65 Forsyth Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-3660 (collect)

Available each year September to February only; representation at parole rescission/ revocation and 15 year hearings. Covers major prisons as far from Boston as the Bridgewater complex; usually will not go to Gardner or Shirley.