Medical & Mental Health

Medical and Mental Health

Prisoners with medical and mental health concerns who believe they are not receiving appropriate or timely treatment, are experiencing problems with their medication (or lack thereof), or wish to receive a specific kind of treatment or medication they have been denied, must follow the procedures established for making their complaints known to the Department of Correction. There procedure for medical and mental health grievances are detailed in the following document:

Medical and Mental Health Grievance Procedure

PLS has also produced the document, Family & Friends: How to Advocate for Medical and Mental Health Care, providing advice on advocating for adequate care for loved ones in prison.

The documents listed below provide information for prisoners with the following specific health concerns:

Hepatitis B and C Treatment

Legal Resources for HIV+ People

Provision of Therapeutic Diet (103 CMR 761)

Rights While Pregnant and Incarcerated

Right to Refuse Treatment

Shy Bladder

Read about PLS’ past and ongoing litigation regarding medical and mental health on the Cases page.