Immigrant Detention Conditions Project

The focus of the Immigrant Detention Conditions Project launched by Prisoner’s Legal Services (PLS) and Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) is to advocate on behalf of immigrants civilly detained in Massachusetts detention centers. The project aims to improve conditions and address multiple issues faced by detained immigrants, including discrimination, placement in solitary confinement, language access needs, medical and mental health care, food and sanitation, and access to programming and services.

Although detained immigrants have always been clients of PLS, historically, they contact our office less often than other individuals. By having the ability to dedicate resources to focusing on this issue, PLS, with the help of the immigration team at MLRI, will begin to break down some of the barriers faced by this population in accessing services that it desperately needs and that other advocacy groups and practitioners are often unable to provide. Due to a limitation in resources, no other group in Massachusetts is focused on advocating for the rights of detainees to be free from unlawful conditions in these detention centers. The project is designed to maximize impact on the immigrant detainee population in Massachusetts for years to come. For example, we will create new advocacy protocols and self-help materials tailored to detainees, and by engaging in systemic advocacy, beginning to lay the groundwork for potential litigation and legislative reform.


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General Questions

How do I find someone in U.S. Immigration Detention? 

Confirm where your loved one is being detained by checking the online ICE Detainee Locator at or calling the ICE Field Office Main Telephone Line: (781) 359-7500 ( 8am – 4pm)

How do I find my loved one’s court date?

Immigration Court information:  1-800-898-7180. The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), has created this Immigration Court toll-free information about immigration cases through an automated system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What organizations or groups can help me pay for my bond?

Have other questions?

Please contact Mario Paredes at